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Thank you to Frontera Foods!

Three Bees was honored to receive a generous grant from Rick Bayless and The Frontera Farmer Foundation for our apiary expansion in 2022. Since part of Three Bees mission is advocacy for bees through education, which includes mentorship for new beekeepers, our grant application included 10 scholarships for new beekeepers.

Each scholarship will include a full season of beekeeping training, the basic tools needed to get started and educational materials. I can't wait to announce the recipients soon!

From the time I was a little girl I wanted to teach, I wrote it in my Dr. Suess, "My Book about Me" book...I never imagined it would look like this. I am excited beyond belief to have an opportunity to teach a group of beekeepers and spend even more time talking about bees.

Thank you Chef Rick Bayless and Frontera Farmer Foundation for helping me to "bee the change" for bees and beekeepers.

I look forward to updating everyone on the progress of the project. We will receive 5 new packages and 5 NUCs from our friends at City Bee Savers in Wheaton. Our scholarship recipients will help us to install these. Packages are a 3 pound box of bees which is about 10,000 bees and a queen. A NUCs is a starter box of bees with a few frames of resources. This will give our students a chance to experience both and learn from the differences of the two. More updates to follow!

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