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About Konni 

Konni Vukelic, Beekeeper and founder of Three Bees has been keeping bees for over 9 years, teaching and mentoring for over 6.  She believes bees are our best teachers and the hive is a medicine chest.

Konni’s mission is to help others learn about bees, beekeeping,and honey; and discover their health from the hive.

Three Bees is a full service beekeeping operation that produces local honey and hive based products using all organic methods. Three Bees offers a full range of herbal infused hive based body care.


Three Bees also seeks to train better beekeepers and raise awareness to save bees through conservation, observation, mentorship and teaching about bees. 

Our Philosophy

If it shouldn't be on your skin, it shouldn't be in your skincare. If it comes with a long list of contradictions, you might want to find an alternative. Our products are made to enhance your wellbeing, do no harm and help you to "Bee Well, Stay Well". 

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