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Help us, help bees, here's how:

Learn about Bees - Whether you head to the library or join us for a presentation, the more you know the more the more you can help bees tangible ways. 
Plant Bee Friendly gardens - Learn how to support bees beyond beekeeping. Reap real life rewards when you plant for bees. 
Sign petitions - Learn what's up in legislation that helps or harms bees. 
Sponsor us - Three Bees is a small business with a big mission, help support us through sponsorship for scholarships. 
Shop with us - Every dollar spent helps us raise bees
Become a beekeeper - Love them as much as we do? When you are ready to geek out on bees, we will "bee there" to support you 

Just like bees no matter how small, Small Steps, and consistency, make Big Impact 

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