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My Latest Honey Experiment

I am always looking for new ways to use honey as well as creative ways to enjoy sweets without the sugar. Because it's winter and hot cocoa season I was inspired to find out if I could make marshmallows with honey. I was skeptical since some things seem to end up with a better or more consistent texture with those less desirable ingredients. After perusing several recipes I settled on creating one myself that combined the least amount of ingredients and didn't include sugar or corn syrup. The results were fantastic. Besides having a more delicious taste I couldn't tell the difference. This is a low calorie sugar free, gluten free, paleo treat. Here is my recipe, I hope you enjoy!

Three Bees Honey Marshmallows


1 cup Three Bees Honey (you can get creative and use our infused honeys too)

3 tbsp unflavored gelatin (2 packets)

1/4 tsp vanilla extract

1 cup water

1/4 tsp sea salt


Use wax paper or parchment paper to line a cake pan (9x12)

Grease baking pan with olive oil or coconut oil and set aside

Pour 1/2 cup water into mixer bowl; add gelatin to top and let it bloom while you work on the next step

Add honey, salt, and remaining water to a pot and bring to a slow boil for about 5-7 minutes. I recommend using a candy thermometer and boiling at 250-260 degrees.

Pour slowly into gelatin mixture, add vanilla, as you whip with blender on medium for about 10 minutes or until well blended and frothy. You will notice it will begin to form peaks and the color will be consistent throughout; now it’s ready to pour.

Put a little oil on your scraper in advance to avoid excessive sticking. Pour into your baking pan and let it set. This will take several hours. (4-6) I let mine set overnight. I don’t recommend putting it in the fridge because while it will set up faster the texture will be much stickier.

Once it’s set you can turn you pan upside down onto a cutting board. You may want to dust your board lightly with arrowroot or corn starch. Gently peel off the paper and dust the top and cut into squares. Dusting your knife may help if they seem too sticky also.

You can try cutting into shapes with cookie cutters (I read this works but didn’t try it) or you can pour them into silicone molds instead of a baking pan as well, just don’t forget to grease the molds.

I am sure these will work great for s’mores or dipped in chocolate, coconut or dusted lightly with espresso powder. I also read a few versions of this recipe that substituted the water with a flavored tea or added a bit of whiskey for a different flavor. Have fun and get creative!

I’d love to hear if you made these and how you liked them!

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