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I'm buzzing with excitement! We're growing our Bee Community!

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Good Morning Beeks and Bee Lovers <3

Have you noticed the days are getting longer? Is it crazy that I long for the days when the sun is up at 4? I love the long days especially when I know I'm going to see bees. 9 years in and I still am giddy every time.

One of the many things I love about beekeeping is the excitement beekeepers have about bees. We are a unique tribe. Hardworking, passionate, genuine, funny, fun and quirky are the words that come to mind when I think of the beekeepers I know. We may all struggle to learn things and keep up because bees and beekeeping has so many offshoots beyond just the bees we keep. There is just so much to know. It truly lends itself to the art of busi-ness. However, I haven't met a beekeeper yet that doesn't love being busy especially with bees.

I enjoy how beekeepers perk up a bit at the prospect of talking about bees. You can always tell when you have found that kindred spirit. There is a certain spark in their eye to share stories of bees and the lessons they've learned, even as they have lost bees, made mistakes and been stung. You have to have a certain persistence to keep bees. I listen to the old guys in suspenders and to the young people who have been doing since they were little kids. I find myself humbled and inspired by both.

The old ones bring the wisdom of the ages, they understand because they have put in the hours and taken the stings, the new ones are quick and innovative exploring bees with new technology, taking the known to the next level and higher understanding of bees as a super organism.

Maybe it is just that when beekeepers come together they create a buzz much like that of the bees. And, it's there, in community, that we begin to mimic the wisdom of the bees. Being in community allows us to tap into mastermind wisdom without even realizing it, as long as we stay open and free of judgement. That is the case within all communities. Wherever we can draw not just off our knowledge but off the knowledge of a collective, expansion and growth happens.

As a beekeeper, I want to hear from beekeepers in different regions, countries and climates. What are the challenges and how are they managing. I want to explore what others experience with different hive styles and equipment. I want to hear what the latest technology can teach us that we couldn't know before. I know there will never be a one size fits all answer with bees and beekeeping. However, as the world shifts and changes and bees respond in turn, our knowledge of them must adapt as well if we are to keep bees successfully. The faster we can do that the better it will be for bees.

Learning as a community can help us to slow down to speed up. Individually we can focus on our contribution and doing it well, but then draw off the collective experiences to expand our own knowledge. I think it's there that the problems in the hive are solved. I also think it may be "there" that the problems in our families, businesses and in the world are solved. Together in our communities. Buzzing like bees. Here are some pictures from my beekeeping, teaching farming, family, business, volunteer and market communities, I hope you enjoy.

See what the buzz is about! Join the online community!

See what the buzz is about! Join the online community!

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