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Why I chose Broadview Farm and Gardens for my bees.

In the beginning my hives were kept on Dennanne Farms. When Dennis (my mentor) passed in 2019 it was time to relocate hives and choose new homes. In the fall of 2019 I brought the hives home to Bartlett. However, as a renter I knew this was a temporary solution. When the 2020 season began, the hives were relocated, some went to Streamwood and some to Marengo. Our Marengo hives found a home on Broadview Farm and Gardens.

Why Broadview Farm and Gardens? When it was time to choose where I would relocate hives to I had specific things I was looking for. I wanted my bees to benefit a local farmer but I also needed a place with good farming practices. It was important to reduce stressful exposures as much as possible.

There are many things that impact bees. It may not be immediately apparent, but bees are often more stressed in agricultural environments than in urban environments because of the farming practices being employed. From the seed to the soil, the herbicides and pesticides, all these things matter when it comes to bees.

Finding a home that was chemical free, as well as a place where regenerative farming was a focus was important to me as well. Broadview Farm and Gardens was a perfect fit and an easy choice. Broadview Farm and Gardens is a certified naturally grown farm. The methods they use align with what I believe is good for bees. (

Besides the great farming practices, if you meet Tim and/or Delicia and their family it will make perfect sense why I love this home for our bees. Tim and Delicia Brown are awesome down to earth people with a lovely family. Finding good people to form farm partnerships was equally important to me. Learn more about the Brown family and Broadview Farm and Gardens here;

Many people have asked about visiting our bees and seeing our hives in person. Since I don't own the land where my bees are that request sometimes poses a challenge. Now finally you can come see the hives in person and meet my farm fam! On September 26th, 2021 Three Bees will join Broadview Farm and Gardens as a part of the Mc Henry County Farm Stroll. Learn more about their farming practices, meet our bees and get some amazing farm fresh food and products.

What's a farm stroll? Well, like a bar crawl, but no beer and instead there's veggies. A chance to meet your local growers, see where your food is born. The event is free but there will opportunities to shop on all of the participating farms.

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