Why Berkey?

It gets fluoride out. And more.

My path of wellness has been ongoing for over a decade now. In the beginning I was overwhelmed with the need to make changes and knowing where to start. I was aware it would have to be done as a process; a series of steps taken on a journey that would last a lifetime.

I chose to start with water. As a result of some papers I was researching for a history class I was taking I had discovered the ugly truth about fluoride. At the time the controversy of fluoride in our water was largely unknown amongst my peers.

Although it had only been since my Dad’s generation that fluoride was introduced into our water supply many people remained unaware of the damage caused by fluoride and vehemently believed it was good for our teeth. The ‘fluoride’ in our w

ater is in fact a byproduct of industrial waste and not good for your teeth.

Fluorosilicic acid is not fluoride , it is something very different, and it is perfectly legal to dump this toxic waste product into the rivers and streams of America as long as it passes through the bodies of human beings first. In other words, it's illegal to take a bucket of fluorosilicic acid and dump it into a stream, but it is perfectly legal to dump it into the bodies of human beings, whose waste products will subsequently enter those same streams and rivers.

One of the main problems caused by fluoride that seemed apparent to me was the increase of thyroid disease everyone was talking about. Learning that fluoride displaces iodine and magnesium absorption and iodine and or magnesium deficiencies can be a contributing factor in thyroid disease seemed clear to me the two might be linked.

I also learned that fluoride calcifies the pineal gland; the part of the endocrine system responsible for circadian rhythm but also known by Descartes as the seat of the soul. I began to speculate that fluoride might actually impede us as spiritual beings. Cleaning up my endocrine functioning and decalcifying my pineal gland became a priority and clean water became my first focus.

Beyond just concerns about fluoride I knew the water in my local town had high levels of radium and other contaminants. Radium in high levels can be a contributing factor for lung cancer among others.

Some of the contaminants in our water can’t be helped. For most of us our tap water consists of moderate to low levels of a variety of contaminants, and bacteria. There are those from agricultural chemicals and pesticides, some are naturally occurring, some are allowed in small quantities deemed safer by the EPA, and in extreme cases old pipes in our towns and homes leaching lead and other chemicals into our water such as in the case of the residents of Flint, Michigan.

Immediately I began buying bottled water to protect my children especially from dangerous exposures. However soon we began to learn of the PCB’s from the plastic leaching into our water. I also learned the truth about bottled water labelled as ‘spring water’ coming from man made ‘springs’ at best. Learning the truth left me frustrated and on the search for a yet healthier alternative.

I began to research contaminants in the water and what methods were commonly used and most effective for removing them. I learned about whole house reverse osmosis which seemed by far the best method but at a cost of approximately $5000 not a viable option for this single Mom. I soon found an alternative at less than 1/10th the price that I fell in love with for several reasons.

Berkey to the rescue!

At the time I found the Berkey water filtration system I was easily spending $500-$1000 a year on bottled water for my family of 3. I loved what Berkey had to offer. The initial unit I selected was less than $300. It would filter 2-1/2 gallons of water at a time. The charcoal filters I purchased would last up to 12 years and the fluoride filters would last up to 6 so it made maintaining fresh water easy.

So many pros!

-No need to run out monthly to replace expensive filters.

-The initial investment was low and paid for itself in under a year of use.

-It not only filters out 99.9% of all contaminants but should you ever not have access to clean fresh water your Berkey can be easily transported and taken camping or utilized in a grid down scenario to provide clean water.

The importance of clean water

We hear it over and over; Water is life. Our bodies are made up of 70% water. Watching Erin Brockovich made an impact on many of us as we learned we need to be vigilant on our own path of wellness. We cannot leave it up to others and assume our best interests are being properly watched over. Ask any resident of Flint Michigan. Owning a Berkey not only saved me money but provided me with incredible peace of mind for my children.

The proof is in the pudding. Take a look at the evidence provided on how Berkey stacks up as compared to other water filtration systems. Unless you are in the market for a whole house unit which most of us are not this is a no brainer. Save money and guarantee your family has access to clean water regardless of your circumstances.


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