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Being a beekeeper means selling at farmers markets, and connecting with the people in your community in a whole new way. Along the path of farmers markets I somewhat stumbled into Shared Harvest. My mother brought me into the family fold of Shared Harvest by buying me a share early on. "What is it?" I asked? "Share in a community grocery store." she answered. "What do I need that for? What's it going to do for me?" "It's to help the community, and farmers. It's so you can have an opinion on what is in your grocery store." "Ok." I thought that sounded ok, but still didn't quite connect with it or truly understand how it worked. Not until I became a vendor and began selling at Shared Harvest's co-op's and getting to know the people that came to these markets. Earlier this year I met Elida Cano at one of my first Shared Harvest markets.

Elida came to me looking for natural products as she had been diagnosed with stage 4 breast and ovarian cancer. It was truly a turning point for me. I had always had a mission; it was to educate and help people to begin the process of a healthier lifestyle. Bee Well, Stay Well. Before Elida Cano it was largely driven from a different perspective. I as a healthy person who didn’t want to be sick. Meeting Elida, gave being sick a reality, a face, a humanity. I saw her as a mother, and a wife, she told me her story of her miracle baby she was finally blessed with and then how he was a preemie and I looked over at her son’s sweet face, a small guy with brown eyes. As a mother myself my heart was so sad as she shared her story with me. From the moment I met her however she was always strong, full of resolve and and full of positivity. Anyone that knows Elida knows her smile and positive attitude. This experience changed the face of Three Bees as I had been asked for some very specific products for the grueling process Elida was about to undertake. One that could include things like losing her fingernails so she needed a nail oil. She would need hair oil when she lost her hair. Natural deodorant that wasn't chemical laden. I began doing my research and learned so much valuable information in the course of my research. Things like there are products for cancer patients that include cancer causing agents in them, things like the process by which the industry determines if a product is safe to use according to the FDA, I also learned about chemicals used to preserve products and why. As I read and researched I renewed my commitment to my product line. I vowed that I would never make a product I wouldn’t use, I would never add an ingredient that wasn’t safe, I would do it safe and chemical free or I would not do it. We have statistics that I often share with my customers, 1 in 2 men, 1 and 3 women get cancer today. 90% of women that get breast cancer have no genetic link, so where then? Why take a chance when there is a way to be beautiful and have the products you love without chemicals. Three Bees is my mission. My small ripple in the bigger pool. I am thankful to know Elida, I am humbled by her trust in my abilities and thankful for her continued business as well as those she has brought to me with wonderful words of encouragement and praise. Today Elida is getting stronger every day. She is now a strong voice and advocate for women to be informed about their health. In October Elida will be walking to raise money to find a cure. I am contributing to Elida’s efforts starting September 27th thru October 31. For every person shopping at Shared Harvest’s market in September and October I will donate 10% of Three Bees total sales. (Hey, my Making Strides Against Breast Cancer team is amazing. We all have different personal stories, but the same team goal – ending breast cancer. Join us or donate today. In addition, any sales made outside those markets, mention Elida's name and I will add it to the total. I love things that are mutually beneficial. Every dollar you spend keeps me beekeeping. Thank you. Part of every dollar you spend will support Elida in her mission and every time you come to a Shared Harvest market you connect with people in your community. This promotion will hopefully connect you with Shared Harvest, Elida Cano and Three bees in a whole new way. This is what Shared Harvest means to me today. A place for community. A place for good food. A place to connect with like minded people who share my vision for a greater world without disease, a place for doin' it old school with new and innovative methods. A place to grow my business and touch lives. A place where every dollar is my voice of change. A place for true Shared Harvest. A place where we all benefit.

Please come check out Shared Harvest monthly Pop Up, bring a friend, and if you’re not already please consider becoming a shareholder and join us on a joint venture to take back our food system and more!

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