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10 Ways to use Mulling Spices

At Three Bees we love the warm scent and delicious flavor of mulling spices. A seasonal favorite that pairs well with honey it has been a staple in our home for years that we enjoy throughout the cold months. Here are some fun new ways you can enjoy mulling spices.

  1. The most obvious is to use mulling spices as it has been used traditionally to create a delicious beverage infused with seasonal herbs and fruits. Common beverages include Apple Cider, Wine or Rum.

  2. Add mulling spices to boiling water as a toxin free home fragrance. Much safer and healthier than most other one fragrance options.

  3. Infuse vinegar with mulling spices for a seasonal salad dressing

  4. Boil water and make it as a hot or cold tea. You can also add it to your favorite black, green or even a fruit tea. Turn your summer peach tea into a delicious spiced tea for winter.

  5. Add to a linen bag and use it in your bath as a warming bath soak. Mix with Epsom salt for additional mineral benefits.

  6. Add to a linen bag and place in dresser drawers or in linen closets to naturally scent your linens. Cinnamon and spices and known to help keep many pests away also.

  7. Make a homemade spiced creamer by gently boiling heavy cream with mulling spices. Add in a bit of honey for desired sweetness.

  8. Make a spiced honey; crunch it up and add to honey. Let it infuse for 30 days or more. Strain out Mulling spices and enjoy your spiced honey. (You can still use the spices after you strain them out!)

  9. Grind them up in a food processor and mix with baking soda, sprinkle on your carpet and vacuum up for a natural scent and insect repellant.

  10. Put in a linen bag in your car window; when the sun warms the bag it will gently scent your car.

Get creative with your mulling spices. You can add in other fruits to customize the flavors. Some popular add ins include; cranberries, cardamom, raisins, pomegranate, apple slices and berries. We'd love to hear your ideas! Do you have different ways you use mulling spices?

Want to learn more about the history of mulling spices? Here's a link to some interesting information.

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