Operation Bee Change!


Bees are important. Bees matter. If you are interested in finding out what you can do to help SAVE THE BEEES! and more, check out some of the information here. Our mission is to create awareness of how TOGETHER we make the world a better place for all of us. We believe in the ripple effect. Something as simple as planting a bee friendly garden, signing petitions, and voting with your dollar can create changes we can all stand behind. Operation Bee Change is a movement to create awareness, a voice for how we make the world a better place, how we can truly, Bee Well, Stay Well, Bee Love, Give Love, Bee Aware, Bee Kind, Bee Inspired, Bee Involved. It's a mission to connect you with the world of activism of a personal sort. It's about a collective voice. It's about personal choice. It's about small business and BIG DREAMS. It's about paying it forward and giving it back. It's a place to Bee Responsible, Take Control of your world, truly bee the change you wish to see. Because Operation Bee Change is about LOVE. We are Not About politics, religion, sexual orientation, or other things that become means of divisiveness. We respect everyone's personal right to believe and choose. It is about choosing real LOVE, connecting as humans, choosing a world where we can live in harmony with nature and each other, it's about choosing things that help us and nature, rather than harming us and nature. It's about getting involved no matter how small your effort, because we have to start somewhere and small efforts lead to big change.

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